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4 excuses you’re making not to start pole dancing, and why you’re wrong.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When you think of pole dancers it might be easy to imagine, lithe young twenty-somethings in sexy pole outfits contorting themselves into impossible, splitty shapes as they spin around the chrome with the strength of a gymnast and the poise and grace of a ballet dancer.

If this is your perception of the sport, it’s easy to convince yourself that it’s way too scary to start. We’ve picked your top 4 excuses not to attend your first class and are here to debunk the myth that pole dancing is reserved for the young or the super fit in sexy pole wear.

I’m too old to start pole dancing

No, you’re not. There are pole students all over the world, spanning every decade. If you contact any studio, we guarantee that there is no maximum age limit on whom they will teach. You will never be turned away for being too old.

I’ve got no upper-body strength

There’s a saying that you don’t have to be amazing to start but you need to start to be amazing. It may sound cliché but it’s true. Do you think that Miss Filly walked into her first-ever class wearing sexy pole wear and busted out a Fonji? Although we can’t vouch for the first bit, it’s doubtful! As with anything you take up for the first time, be it running, knitting or pole, everyone must start somewhere.

We’re not saying everyone’s playing field is going to be level. If you’re often found lifting weights in the gym at 5 am then you’re likely to pick up moves more quickly than someone who doesn’t exercise at all. If you can only lift yourself off the ground for half a second, the next time you do it, you’ll be able to lift yourself for a whole second. Then before you know it you’ll be camping out at your studio and entering every competition from UKAAP to Pole Art. Strength is built as you train. We all need to exercise so why not make it fun?

I’m too heavy/I need to lose some weight

Most of us have hang-ups about our bodies no matter what size we are. But we promise you that getting a ‘pole body’ is really easy and takes seconds. Take your body, and put it on the pole. Job done. There are incredible pole dancers of all shapes and sizes taking up the sport and the pole community is incredibly supportive of all anatomies. If you don’t believe us check out some of our wonderful customers on Instagram or say hello to our buddies over at Kick Ass Curves (a competition dedicated to the celebration of plus-sized pole dancers). Many purpose-built studios have competition poles rigged that could withstand the weight of a London Bus in rush hour, so if you’re afraid that the chrome can’t take your weight, we promise it can!

I’m too self-conscious

This is a harder one to combat, and our best advice is to ‘phone a friend’ and drag someone along with you for a bit of moral support. Pole dancing is hard work and you’ll be far too busy concentrating on what your limbs are doing to notice anyone else, or for that matter for anyone to be watching what you’re doing.

Now that you’re out of excuses what are you waiting for? Put on your pole clothing and get started on an exciting and rewarding journey.

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