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We are a small team of two and were, as everybody was, affected by Covid-19 and lockdown. During a rather regular catch-up, we started talking about how we cannot find the pole dance wear we want, so we thought… why not design it ourselves?! That call sparked something incredible - months of hard work, which has turned into our very own venture… and we loved every second of it!   


We both come from an automotive design background. As an Interior designer & Colour & Materials designer we naturally wanted be involved with the smallest details and find the best solutions. 


So, please be assured that every item of pole fitness and aerial wear we sell at F|Lux has been meticulously designed & developed to perfection. Countless loops & trials have been carried out to tweak the design to assure you the best fitting pole dance wear in the UK. 


We want to empower women to feel strong, confident and sexy! We do believe we have created a range of products that flatters everybody’s shape. The products feel like a second skin and you will want to wear them all the time - not just to work out. 


We want to also thank each and everybody who has been supporting us from the beginning and has helped us to get where we are now. Thank you!

Your F | Lux Team

F | Lux Activewear Founders Charlie and Karo
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